Always Pursue Your PassionBe honest with yourself. Are you truly satisfied with your working life? If your day to day isn’t quite what you had envisioned for your future, then you are dedicating vast amounts of your time, effort, and energy to something that isn’t really your true passion. And when you try to force yourself to do something that isn’t what you’re passionate about, then chances are you aren’t going to achieve optimal results.

Let’s face it, if your heart just isn’t in it, then no amount of trying to make it work is going to do the trick. If you aren’t passionate about what you do, then you’re not going to give it your all. What’s even worse, when you dedicate so much of your time, effort, and energy to a passionless pursuit, then you are unable to dedicate yourself to your true passion.

When your work consumes you without engaging you, those around you are sure to notice eventually. Unfortunately, such perceptions are going to affect not only your present career but also your permanent reputation. Perhaps you started out on your current career path with the best intentions, or maybe it was just meant to be a temporary detour along the road to your true career goals. But now, one, or five, or even ten years later, here you still are. Stuck.

Whatever your reasons for getting stuck in a humdrum job that is anything but what your passion tells you is your true purpose, never forget that it’s not too late to take a new turn in life. This is true no matter what life throws at you. Take Tonja Demoff, for example. Tonja knows what her passion is, and she is living that passion. But it hasn’t always been an easy ride. In fact, some parts of the road have been terribly bumpy.

In her latest book, Twist & Trust: Finding Your Way When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn, Tonja Demoff shares her strategies for dealing with adversity in business and beyond. A skilled real estate investor, author, and entrepreneur, Tonja Demoff offers timeless advice for dealing with those unexpected turns with strength and purpose. Tonja is living proof that it is possible to conquer adversity and ultimately live your passion.