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Surprises Can Sometimes Give Themselves Away

Surprises Can Sometimes Give Themselves AwayOne of the great truisms in both the military and in business is “expect the unexpected,” and while there’s definite value in having a state of preparedness over something which you don’t see coming, it can be just as important to put yourself in a position to be able to anticipate things ahead of time. There are few things in this world that are really random, completely unexpected events that no one saw coming. Even floods, tornados and earthquakes give off “early warning signs,” and these can be detected by technologies which can warn us in advance. Continue reading “Surprises Can Sometimes Give Themselves Away”

Adaptability Is Survivability

Adaptability Is SurvivabilityBusiness of any kind, be it playing the stock market or investing in real estate is in many ways the perfect example of Darwinist evolution in action. Change is a constant, and new trends and events are always on the horizon, and if you cannot adapt to these changes, you will, financially speaking, die. Continue reading “Adaptability Is Survivability”

The Unexpected WILL Happen. Are You Ready For It?

The Unexpected WILL Happen. Are You Ready For It?There’s no denying the importance of plans. A plan gives your actions for the future a structure, and the more structure you have, the more decisiveness you can act with. But just because you have a plan, it doesn’t mean that everything is going to turn out exactly the way you hoped. Continue reading “The Unexpected WILL Happen. Are You Ready For It?”

Attitude Is Everything

Attitude Is EverythingThe unexpected can affect a person in many different ways, though some of this may have to do with whether a development has occurred in the personal sphere, the professional sphere, or even both. One of the most important things that you can cultivate—especially from a professional perspective—is the right attitude to a change. Continue reading “Attitude Is Everything”

3 Tips For Managing The Unexpected More Effectively

3 Tips For Managing The Unexpected More Effectively

When you’re a business professional, the simple fact is that eventually some things are going to happen that you didn’t plan for. There’s no way around it, and the key is being able to respond to the unexpected quickly and still drive your company or efforts towards your goals. The new system from author Tonja Demoff, “Twist And Trust: Finding Your Way When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn” focuses on this specific issue within the business world. Continue reading “3 Tips For Managing The Unexpected More Effectively”

Turning Those Lemons Into Success

Turning Those Lemons Into SuccessWhen life hands you lemons, make lemonade, right? Well, when you’re handed professional lemons do you know how to turn them into the lemonade of success? There’s a surprising number of business leaders out there who don’t fully understand just what they’re supposed to do when problems arise. Getting trapped in panic mode, stalling your entire process to a halt, or just getting a negative attitude could all have a major, negative impact on your company’s chances at thriving in today’s political world. Continue reading “Turning Those Lemons Into Success”

Top 3 Things To Avoid When A Problem Arises

Top 3 Things To Avoid When A Problem Arises Problems are going to happen in any business process, no matter how much you try to plan ahead and secure the best level of safety and security in any project. The unexpected is going to raise its ugly head from time to time, and when it does making sure that you are able to roll with it and continue moving forwards is important. The new Tonja Demoff book “Twist and Trust: Finding Your Way When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn” is a system designed to help you make the most of any situation, no matter how unexpected it might be. Continue reading “Top 3 Things To Avoid When A Problem Arises”

Become A Half-Full Leader

Become A Half-Full LeaderWhat kind of attitude do you really have when you’re in the business world? Today’s business leaders can come off as ruthless, driven, and single-minded. But in the end, you’ll want to consider more about what your overall attitude really is and how it’s impacting your company’s bottom line. For example, what kind of view do you take on situations, unexpected challenges, setbacks, and other similar issues that business leaders face. More specifically, are you a ‘half-full’ leader? Continue reading “Become A Half-Full Leader”

Being Honest With Yourself For Better Success

Being Honest With Yourself For Better SuccessEvery entrepreneur will end up facing challenges and obstacles on their way to success – and even more once they achieve their initial goals. But what separates truly great leaders from those who are average is one key thing – how they overcome obstacles. The new book “Twist And Trust: Finding Your Way When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn” from author Tonja Demoff helps highlight some of the primary ways you can adjust to challenges and move past them on your own. Continue reading “Being Honest With Yourself For Better Success”

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