When Safe Investors Face The UnexpectedDo you consider yourself a safe investor? If you own your own home and have either finished paying it off or are very close to doing so, then you may fall into this category. In fact, if you purchased your home years ago, chances are it’s worth a good deal more than it was when you bought it. Even if you purchased your home relatively recently, you are still likely to be sitting on top of a valuable piece of property. After all, home values have skyrocketed, even in recent months. Chances are, if you do a bit of quick research into your property’s present value, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn what it’s now actually worth.

Even as a safe investor, however, you may still face uncertainty with regard to your home investment. In fact, following the economic downturn of 2008 many homeowners feared that their home investments would never recover. Fortunately the market has bounced back in a big way, restoring value to your investment and making you feel secure. And security is what you value. You would never use your house as collateral to finance a risky investment. In fact, you would only consider additional real estate investments if you could be assured a sure fire deal.

But what if that sure fire deal turns into a real headache? If this happens, you’re going to need someone with the experience to guide you through the rough patch. Respected Long Beach real estate entrepreneur Tonja Demoff is exactly the person you need to help you navigate the unexpected and weather the difficulties of a real estate transaction turned sour. Tonja knows exactly what it’s like to weather adversity and bounce back in a big way.

Whether you have already committed yourself to an investment or are considering a deal that’s on the table, be sure not to go into the situation empty handed. Tonja Demoff’s latest book, Twist & Trust: Finding Your Way When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn, is a must read if you are considering a new venture in real estate. Let Tonja’s experience and expertise guide you through any unexpected turns that your real estate investments might take.