Embrace The UnexpectedLife is unpredictable. Unforeseen circumstances can often wreak havoc on our best laid plans, and no insurance policy is sufficient to cover the twists and turns that life may take. Instead of fighting the unexpected and swimming futilely against the stream of change, a better course of action may be to embrace the unexpected and discover what life’s unanticipated twists and turns have to teach us.

In fact, learning to embrace the unexpected, and figuring out how to ride the wave of uncertainty that accompanies life’s numerous twists and turns, may actually be an amazing way to uncover your true potential and discover hidden inner resources that you never imagined you possessed. So instead of fighting change and cowering in the face of the unexpected, why not use the opportunity to test your mettle, build resilience, and reach greater heights than you ever imagined possible?

Sure, we all started out with a clear plan of where we wanted to be and exactly how we were going to get there. Whether you are dealing with a relationship that didn’t work out the way you envisioned or a business plan that disintegrated right before your very eyes, now is the time to accept that plans alone are not sufficient to get us where we think we want to be. Life happens, despite our careful plans. And it is often the case that failed plans result in greater opportunities than we ever dared to envision.

In fact, it may be the case that your careful plans are serving as limitations instead of stepping stones along your pathway to success. Sometimes when things all fall apart it’s actually for the best. Sure, it might not seem that way at the time. But once you have emerged from the initial shock and discomfort of plans gone awry, you will be able to spot new opportunities and transcend your former self-imposed limits.

If you find yourself struggling to deal with life’s unexpected twists and turns, let Tonja Demoff help you get through. In Tonja’s latest book, Twist & Trust: Finding Your Way When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn, she shares her own experiences with life’s unexpected twists and provides you with the tools to make it through like a pro and emerge stronger, better, and wiser for the experience.