Rolling With The Professional PunchesAre you a successful entrepreneur? Chances are that even if you think you’re fairly successful, you can probably list at least a half dozen areas that you could improve – or another set of goals you want to reach. There are plenty of different things that can have a direct impact on your success, but one thing that you need to be prepared for is the chance of being hit with unforeseen challenges.

But as author Tonja Demoff highlights in her new book “Twist and Trust”, one of the biggest signs of success for entrepreneurs is being able to roll with the punches you can be dealt in the professional world. Here are some of the tips you’ll want to be able to keep in mind when working on this aspect of being a business leader.

  • Know that there will be mistakes and challenges that you can’t plan for. You need to be realistic and expect the unexpected to occur.
  • When issues occur, don’t let them drag you down. Being able to identify problems as early as possible and then adjust to them is important. Don’t dwell on them – grow from them.
  • Accept responsibility for issues that occur that were related to your actions. Being able to accept responsibility allows you to learn from those mistakes and start moving towards a better outcome.
  • Don’t be afraid to adjust strategies, plans, and even policies in reaction to the challenges you might face. One thing that can hold you back is feeling like you can’t change anything about your business plan just because of an unexpected issue.

Simply put, being able to identify problems early and take the time to adjust to them will let you twist and turn in the right way, moving towards better business success. It’s just one lesson you’ll learn in “Twist and Trust”, available by checking out