Become A Half-Full LeaderWhat kind of attitude do you really have when you’re in the business world? Today’s business leaders can come off as ruthless, driven, and single-minded. But in the end, you’ll want to consider more about what your overall attitude really is and how it’s impacting your company’s bottom line. For example, what kind of view do you take on situations, unexpected challenges, setbacks, and other similar issues that business leaders face. More specifically, are you a ‘half-full’ leader?

“Half full” may sound negative – like you only have half a tank of energy. But in reality, we’re talking about the old ‘glass’ analogy. When a problem or situation arises, how do you view it? Do you look at it from a ‘glass is half-full’ perspective or a ‘half empty’ one? There’s a big difference there, and your attitude could have more of an impact on your company’s success than you realize. Consider the following:

  • With a positive attitude you’re more likely to help inspire your team to stay on task. A negative attitude can lead them to lose faith in you, the project, and the company.
  • Negativity can directly influence your productivity and the way that you’re viewed. It can actually impact the overall level of income you make since your reputation has a relationship to your overall company performance.
  • Even when you find the silver lining in a sudden problem, it allows you to grown and improve your overall success in a different way. Adaptability is important for business leaders, and a positive attitude makes it easier to do just that.

These are just a few of the reasons that looking at the glass as half full is so important for today’s business professionals. It’s also one of the many ideals put forth by author Tonja Demoff in her new series “Twist and Trust”, available by visiting this site. Changing your perspective on business is the first step towards being a better business leader. Checking out the resources from Demoff could help guide you towards bigger success.