Top 3 Things To Avoid When A Problem Arises Problems are going to happen in any business process, no matter how much you try to plan ahead and secure the best level of safety and security in any project. The unexpected is going to raise its ugly head from time to time, and when it does making sure that you are able to roll with it and continue moving forwards is important. The new Tonja Demoff book “Twist and Trust: Finding Your Way When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn” is a system designed to help you make the most of any situation, no matter how unexpected it might be.

The Big Things To Avoid

There are numerous steps you’ll want to take when a problem or unforeseen event occurs, and a few that you’ll want to avoid. Here are the top 3 things to avoid doing when a sudden problem appears in your project’s path.

  1. Panicking – Few things can grind a project to a halt like panic. When you lose your cool, you make it harder for everyone involved in the business to keep moving forwards. Stay calm and start identifying the different ways that you can fix the issue and keep on moving, or things can snowball into even larger issues before you know it.
  2. The Blame Game – We’ve all seen it: something goes wrong and immediately everyone goes into a mad scramble to try to blame someone else. But that does nothing at all. Mistakes are going to happen, and being able to admit when one is on your shoulders is the first step towards moving towards a solution. Don’t dwell on who’s to blame or how to cover your mistakes – admit what happened and start finding the path out of the issue.
  3. Failure To Learn – Whether it’s a matter of actually learning a better way to do something based on mistakes or just learning what not to do, there is always a lesson in every situation. Identify the problem and start trying to determine what you can do to improve it – and avoid similar ones in the future.

If you’ll keep these three tips in the mind you’ll be able to start moving towards a better overall level of success in business. Mistakes are going to happen, and problems are going to arise. Checking out Tonja’s system at can help you learn how to deal with them when they do.