Attitude Is EverythingThe unexpected can affect a person in many different ways, though some of this may have to do with whether a development has occurred in the personal sphere, the professional sphere, or even both. One of the most important things that you can cultivate—especially from a professional perspective—is the right attitude to a change.

It’s very easy to be excited and positive about a change to your fortunes that is undeniably good. A new, unexpected, well paying client, a property project that you know is going to be in high demand, or even a referral for more business from an associate are all perfect examples of surprises you weren’t expect that are easy to welcome with open arms.

But what happens when the unexpected is less clear cut? What if it’s even outright bad? What then?

If You Think You’ve Lost, You Already Have

How you approach the unexpected, even negative events, is going to play a large role how you successfully navigate the situation. In her new book, Twist & Trust: Finding Your Way When Life Takes An Unexpected Turn, author Tonja Demoff talks about her own professional experiences and shares the secrets of her success when it comes to facing unexpected failure. As a realtor, Tonja Demoff has been an active entrepreneur in the Long Beach real estate sector, and she has seen, first hand, how important it is to approach unpleasant surprises with the right attitude. Even when something is clearly negative, with no real benefits in how an event plays out, merely giving up and accepting defeat is often one of the fastest ways to let a negative situation continue, or even escalate in scope and scale.

Twist& Trust shares with you how Tonja Demoff takes the unpleasant, unexpected detours and crises in her own career, and maintained a productive point of view even in the middle of serious problems. A crisis can either put you out of business, or motivate you to grow, learn from the mistake, and use the ordeal to come out stronger on the other side, eventually garnering even more profit. Tonja Demoff will show you how she did it.