The Unexpected WILL Happen. Are You Ready For It?There’s no denying the importance of plans. A plan gives your actions for the future a structure, and the more structure you have, the more decisiveness you can act with. But just because you have a plan, it doesn’t mean that everything is going to turn out exactly the way you hoped.

In the real world, all the theory and planning you put into any project or venture can be upturned by the unexpected and/or events far beyond your control. Earthquakes can occur, illness can strike, accidents can befall you or someone you know, and there is simply no accounting for these factors. But just because something is unexpected, it doesn’t mean you’re helpless against it.

Contingencies Matter

There’s an old saying that goes “hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst,” and this is an important lesson that Tonja Demoff shares with readers in her new book Twist & Trust. It’s a perfect example of the fact that one of the best ways to handle the surprises life throws at us is to accept that, to some degree, we have to be prepared for the unexpected and the uncontrollable.

This isn’t to say that we can realistically be prepared for every contingency. Most homes, for example, aren’t going to be prepared to protect residents from floods, fires, biological warfare, radiation, solar flares, virulent mosquitos and cancer. However, sensible homeowners take reasonable precautions to ensure that they are not completely helpless in the face of an unexpected event.

In the same way, the world of real estate and almost any other business venture can have unexpected developments that you need to be reasonably prepared to respond to. A change in real estate law in Canada can suddenly lead to rise in foreign investment interest in the United States, while the announcement of Britain leaving the European Union can also create new opportunities—or crises—depending on which side of the real estate game you’re on.

How these events affect you—whether or positively or negatively—depends a lot on your own state of preparedness. People that can keep their eyes and ears open to developments not just locally, but regionally and internationally can often be in a better position to deal with these events when they happen.

With Twist & Trust: Finding Your Way When Life Takes An Unexpected Turn, Tonja Demoff will share with you the hows and the whys of her own experiences both as a business person and as a woman, dealing with the unexpected and finding ways to either weather the storm, or find triumph in events that could have potentially been huge setbacks.

The unexpected is not something that most people relish, especially when it comes to carefully laid plans. But being able to respond to it is a vital skill that every entrepreneur needs in order to enjoy a successful, long term business career. Author Tonja Demoff will show you how she did it, repeatedly, in her own career.