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Transcending Your Setbacks

Transcending Your SetbacksSetbacks are a natural part of life. To try is sometimes to fail, and we can often learn a lot more from our seeming failures than our apparent successes. Any entrepreneur can tell you, failure is a part of the game. It’s how you deal with that failure, how you bounce back after a setback, that determines your success in life. Rather than using your setbacks as an excuse to quit, or turning the situation into an exercise in self-loathing and crippling doubt, you can instead learn how to turn your setbacks into stepping stones. Continue reading “Transcending Your Setbacks”

Discovering Your Passion

Discovering Your PassionOne of the things that most successful entrepreneurs share is passion. Those who find seemingly limitless success in the world of business are passionate about what they do, and that passion spills over into every other area of their lives. Of course, before you can begin living your own passion it is first necessary to identify just what it is that you are passionate about. If you’re stuck in a rut, or working hard to bounce back from any manner of crushing disappointment, identifying your passion may be just the key to moving on and finding the success you crave. Here are some tips for finding your passion. Continue reading “Discovering Your Passion”

Are You Living Your Passion?

Are You Living Your Passion?There’s a secret that entrepreneurs know but most people have yet to discover. When you are passionate about your work, it doesn’t feel like work at all. Likewise, when you attempt to work at something that is not in line with whatever it is that you are passionate about, well, that can be grueling. Those who choose the latter path will soon find that they suffer from dissatisfaction, burnout, stress, and even poor health. Continue reading “Are You Living Your Passion?”

Twist & Turn For Success In Real Estate (And Life)

Twist & Turn For Success In Real Estate (And Life)Have you ever asked yourself, “What type of real estate investor am I?” Are you a career investor, always working on that next big deal? Are you a risk taker, addicted to the rush of a risky deal? Or maybe you are a moderate investor, a person who owns a couple of real estate investment properties on the side. Or perhaps you are a safe investor and your only real estate investment is your home. Continue reading “Twist & Turn For Success In Real Estate (And Life)”

When Safe Investors Face The Unexpected

When Safe Investors Face The UnexpectedDo you consider yourself a safe investor? If you own your own home and have either finished paying it off or are very close to doing so, then you may fall into this category. In fact, if you purchased your home years ago, chances are it’s worth a good deal more than it was when you bought it. Even if you purchased your home relatively recently, you are still likely to be sitting on top of a valuable piece of property. After all, home values have skyrocketed, even in recent months. Chances are, if you do a bit of quick research into your property’s present value, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn what it’s now actually worth. Continue reading “When Safe Investors Face The Unexpected”

Eat, Drink, Invest

Eat, Drink, InvestHave you made real estate investment your life’s work? Do you eat, drink, and sleep real estate? If you consider yourself a full-time real estate freak, then chances are you always have some type of deal in the works. Maybe you enjoyed the process of acquiring your primary residence so much that you just had to go out and pick up an additional property or two for investment purposes shortly after moving in. Since then, you’ve been on a roll. When you aren’t acquiring new investments for yourself, you’re out there helping friends and family achieve their own investment goals. Continue reading “Eat, Drink, Invest”

Always Pursue Your Passion

Always Pursue Your PassionBe honest with yourself. Are you truly satisfied with your working life? If your day to day isn’t quite what you had envisioned for your future, then you are dedicating vast amounts of your time, effort, and energy to something that isn’t really your true passion. And when you try to force yourself to do something that isn’t what you’re passionate about, then chances are you aren’t going to achieve optimal results. Continue reading “Always Pursue Your Passion”


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