Adaptability Is SurvivabilityBusiness of any kind, be it playing the stock market or investing in real estate is in many ways the perfect example of Darwinist evolution in action. Change is a constant, and new trends and events are always on the horizon, and if you cannot adapt to these changes, you will, financially speaking, die.

This is especially true when it comes to unexpected, which can be an unexpected opportunity for growth, or the death blow that you didn’t see coming. It all depends on your own ability to adapt.

Change Is Success

In Twist & Trust: Finding Your Way When Life Takes An Unexpected Turn, author Tonja Demoff shares with readers and fellow entrepreneurs her own experience of negotiating the world of Long Beach real estate. Her journey is one of self-discovery and adaptability as she finds that the most important thing to have when surviving the unexpected is the ability to change.

The old saying of “fight fire with fire” applies just as much to the surprise of life, only in this case, it means “fight change with change.” When conditions in the market change, you must have the capacity to change as well if you want to survive. If you’re stuck in the conventional, established ways, and are unable to adjust to new conditions, then you’re not going to remain competitive and your business will suffer as newer, more adaptable rivals come onto the scene and seize the opportunities you are no longer in a position to take yourself.

Twist& Trust is about how the realtor Tonja Demoff found not just the courage, but the excitement to commit to making changes. Changing how you think or work doesn’t have to be an unpleasant transformative process. It can actually improve who you are and how you work. But the important thing is having the willingness to consider, try and ultimately embrace a change. Previous generations of business people shunned electricity, then the telephone, then the car, then computer for use in the workplace. If you want to succeed in business, you can’t be one of those people. You have to see the new opportunities and embrace them.